Show me a brand.

I'll tell you its story.


The Bottom Line 

Show me a brand. I'll tell you its story.

Own a used car lot? I'll give those geriatric automobiles the Golden Girls spotlight they deserve. Got a brewery? Great, toss me in the brew kettle with a notebook, and I'll emerge with a beer-branded magnum opus. And if you're launching a startup, I'm your man: because I'll cultivate the voice of your brand for nothing but unearned praise and ping-pong breaks. Why? Because just as your next project exemplifies your brand, my words exemplify mine. Let's get to work. 

Yours in Content,

Clark, Chief Bad Buoy

Sweet, Sweet Services

Video Production

From conceptualization to the final edited product, we'll cook you up some video content that tells the world you're all kinds of legit. 

Web Content

Your business needs a website, which means things are happening for you. Now, let us Bad Buoy's take it the extra mile and make it really pop. Or sizzle. Or any buzz word, really. 


From print to video, or laugh-out-loud funny to clear and concise. If there's a story your brand needs telling, Bad Buoy has you covered. 


About a Bad Buøy

Establishing shot. Callused knuckles. Perfectly frayed jorts. Not-so-subtle Patriotic symbolism. A clydesdale befriending a puppy. A perspiring beer bottle resting atop an oak stump. America. Beer. Hey Americans - buy our beer, okay? 

See what I did there? I set the scene with a pretty kick-ass tone. I found a way to make jorts relevant. People, I just wrote a commercial – In my bio. Why? Because that's what I do. And now that we're clear on that, let me tell you who I (Clark Shepard, Chief Bad Buoy) am:

  1. I'm pretty cool guy. Don't believe me? Ask my parents.
  2. I'm from Maine. I then moved to New York. Then I moved back to Maine. 
  3. I like Maine. 
  4. I also like short walks on the beach. Because beaches are great, but walking long distances is really just not my thing. 
  5. I'm a human male. Here is evidence:

Clark (c. 2015) looking stoic as hell. 


Amuse Buoys

I wasn't going to do this, but you've been a good sport. What do you say we dive into some content? And when I say content, I don't mean kickass work samples - there's a page for that. I mean it's time for a tasty "Amuse Buoy" of brandless originals. No agenda. No point. Almost no sense. Enjoy.